Pete's is proud to offer nearly 50 different flavours of ice cream (and sherbet) to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving! Here are some* of the delicious flavours we offer...

Soft Serve

Coffee ~ Chocolate ~ Mocha ~ Vanilla ~ Feature Flavour

Hard Serve

ALGONQUIN CANOE - French Vanilla ice cream with a hint of maple, chocolate ripple and caramel cups shaped like canoes!

BANANA FUDGE - Banana flavoured ice cream with chocolate fudge ripple.

BERRY BERRY CHIP - Delicate balck raspberry blend ice cream with a blackberry ripple and lots of chocolate chips!

BIRTHDAY PARTY - Celebrate like it's your birthday! Creamy vanilla ice cream scattered with moist pound cake pieces, wrapped with a cream cheese ribbon and decorated with rainbow candy sprinkles. Every day should be a Birthday Party!

BLACK RASPBERRY CHEESECAKE - A premium flavoured cheesecake ice cream with sweet black raspberry fruit puree swirled throughout.

BLUEBERRY BLISS - Blueberry flavoured ice cream with a cream cheese frosting and white chocolate pomegranate filled cups.

BUBBLE GUM - Real chewable bubble gum pieces in pink bubble gum ice cream.

BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE - Buttery butterscotch ribbon in a velvety vanilla ice cream.

CHOCOLATE - This find blend of cocoa and sweet creamy ice cream creates a taste of chocolate perfection.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH - Like eating a batch of mom's soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie dough with sweet creamy ice cream, and extra chocolatey chips.

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP - Creamy chocolate ice cream exploding with flavour as it is swirled together with Peanut butter and loaded with mini peanut butter cups throughout.

CHOCOLATE SALTY CARAMEL - Chocolate ice cream with a thick salted caramel dipple and calted caramel pieces.

COFFEE - Rich coffee taste for a pick me up!

COTTON CANDY - The unmistakable flavour of the county fair that everyone loves.

CREAM 'N' ORANGE - Vanilla ice cream with a swirl of refreshing orange sherbet.

DEATH BY CHOCOLATE - Rich dark Dutch chocolate ice cream with a superb chocolate ripple scattered with chocolate brownies and dark chocolatey chunks.

DINOSAUR BONES - Chocolate chunks buried in mounds of Jurassic green ice cream swirled with Bronotosaurus blue marshmallow ribbon

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - A creamy spiral of velvety whir chocolate mousse ice cream and smooth milk chocolate mousse ice cream is a taste sensation that will have you screaming for more.

FRENCH VANILLA - A traditional recipe using whole cream, sugar, egg yolks and French vanilla flavour creates this ice cream masterpiece.

GOLD MINE - Swirls of caramel and chocolate ice cream with ribbons of toffee ripple.

HEAVENLY HASH - Crunchy almond pieces with mounds of chocolate chips overflowing in a river of marshmallow and sweet chocolate ice cream for a taste of heaven.


BLUE RASPBERRY - Sweet and delicious blue raspberry no-dairy-added treat.

WATERMELON - Sweet & juicy watermelon flavoured sherbet. Chocolate “seeds” included.

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*Please note that due to popularity, space restrictions and supplier production, all flavours listed may not be available at all times. Other flavours not listed may also be available. Please see in-store for details.

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