Pete's is proud to offer nearly 50 different flavours of ice cream (and sherbet) to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving! Here are some* of the delicious flavours we offer...

Soft Serve

Coffee ~ Chocolate ~ Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl ~ Vanilla

Hard Serve

BANANA - We bring the sunny south to your mouth. Real sensational taste.

BANANA SPLITZ SUPREME - A new twist on an old favorite! Enjoy a deluge of the best banana ice cream with chocolate swirls, strawberry whirls and strawberry filled creamy white chocolate cups.

BIRTHDAY PARTY - Celebrate like it's your birthday! Creamy vanilla ice cream scattered with moist pound cake pieces, wrapped with a cream cheese ribbon and decorated with rainbow candy sprinkles. Every day should be a Birthday Party!

BUBBLE GUM - Real chewable bubble gum pieces in pink bubble gum ice cream.

BUTTERSCOTCH RIPPLE: Buttery butterscotch ribbon in a velvety vanilla ice cream.

COCONUT BLISS - Rich, velvety coconut ice cream with real coconut flakes give you a taste of the tropics.

COCONUT MACAROON - Rich coconut ice cream with toasted coconut pieces and a decadent chocolate swirl.

COFFEE - Rich coffee taste for a pick me up!

DINOSAUR BONES - Chocolate chunks buried in mounds of Jurassic green ice cream swirled with Bronotosaurus blue marshmallow ribbon

ICE CREAM SANDWICH - Vanilla ice cream with pieces of ice cream sandwich wafers. Just like eating a giant ice cream sandwich.

KEJIMKUJIK CAMPFIRE S'MORES - Chocolate ice cream with roasted marshmallow flavour, chocolate graham crunch, chewy marshmallow pieces and swirls of marshmallow.

KIT KAT - Your favourite confectionery treat now frozen! Indulge in our chocolate frozen dessert with Kit Kat bites and a chocolately ripple.

MAPLE RASPBERRY DOUGHNUT - Maple flavoured ice cream with luscious raspberry ribbon and doughnut pieces.

NO SUGAR ADDED BLACK CHERRY - Black cherry ice cream with black cherries. No sugar added, sweetened with Maltitol and Sucralose.

NO SUGAR ADDED MAPLE WALNUT - Maple ice cream with walnut pieces. No sugar added, sweetened with Maltitol and Sucralose.

OXFORD BLUEBERRIES & CREAM - A ripple of blueberry in a blueberry ice cream.

PARLIAMENT CHILL - Vanilla ice cream swirled with a strawberry ripple and over flowing with white strawberry cups.

PEANUT BUTTER HEAVEN - A blend of classic vanilla ice cream mixed with a peanut butter ripple and chocolately flakes.

RIBAMBELLE - Blue raspberry, cherry candy, and vanilla-flavoured yellow ice cream.

ROLO - Rich chocolate and caramel frozen dessert now with more mini ROLO caramel cups then ever before...Irresistable! Delicious!

RUM & RAISIN - Rum flavoured ice cream packed with raisins.

SALTED CARAMEL COOKIE CHUNKS - Sweet and creamy vanilla flavoured ice cream with chunks of cream filled chocolate pieces and ribbons of salted caramel swirling throughout. Like your hand in the cookie jar; it'll be tough to keep from scooping more!

SHARK BITE - Blue raspberry and shark grey ice cream with a red raspberry ribbon.

Lactose/Gluten Free

COMPLETELY CHOCOLATE - Silky chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate flakes.

VERY VANILLA - Creamy ice cream with triple cream de Vanilla flavour, Bourbon Vanilla, and Vanilla bean seeds.

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*Please note that due to popularity, space restrictions and supplier production, all flavours listed may not be available at all times. Other flavours not listed may also be available. Please see in-store for details.

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