Pete's is proud to offer nearly 50 different flavours of ice cream (and sherbet) to satisfy your sweet-tooth craving! Here are some* of the delicious flavours we offer...

Hard Serve

HERSHEY'S EGGIES - Beautiful lilac coloured vanilla ice cream with a plethora of Hershey's Crushed Eggies.

JOLLY RANCHER - Decadent cherry ice cream with tonnes of Jolly Rancher candy throughout.

LAVENDER LEMONADE - A tangy sweet lemonade with a splash of instant summer classic.

MANGO - Mango ice cream with real Alphonso puree.

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP - Creme de Menthe green mint flavoured ice cream with lots of chocolate chips.

MONSTER COOKIE - Vibrant blue, cookie flavoured ice cream with heaps of yummy Oreo and cookie dough pieces.

MOON MIST - A mix of banana, grape and bubble gum ice cream; truly out of this world.

NO SUGAR ADDED/LACTOSE FREE BLACK CHERRY - Black cherry ice cream with black cherries. No sugar added, sweetened with Maltitol and Sucralose.


NO SUGAR ADDED/LACTOSE FREE FRENCH VANILLA - Creamy and flavourful with 60% less sugar than vanilla ice cream (sweetened with maltitol and sucralose).

NO SUGAR ADDED/LACTOSE FREE MAPLE WALNUT - Maple ice cream with walnut pieces. No sugar added, sweetened with Maltitol and Sucralose.

NO SUGAR ADDED/LACTOSE FREE SALTY CARAMEL & PEANUTS - Caramel flavoured ice cream swirled with a salted caramel ripple and roasted peanuts. Sweetened with Maltitol and Sucralose.

ORANGE PINEAPPLE - Tangy chunks of citrus in orange flavoured ice cream.

PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE CRUNCH - A delectable peanut butter ice cream with rich fudge sauce.

PEANUT BUTTER PRETZEL - Peanut Butter ice cream with white chocolate pretzel bark, dark chocolate flakes and a chocolate ripple.

PISTACHIO ALMOND - Rich pistachio ice cream and crunchy almond pieces pack an intense wallop of nutty flavour.

REESE'S PIECES - Central Smith vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge ripple and loads of Reese's Pieces candy.

S'MORE G'LORE - Toasted marshmallow flavoured ice cream with a chocolate fudge ripple and graham cracker pieces.

STRAWBERRY - Delicious, ripe, red strawberries in strawberry ice cream.

TOFFEE ALMOND CHILL - Roasted almonds and flavourful caramel bits in buttertoffee ice cream.

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*Please note that due to popularity, space restrictions and supplier production, all flavours listed may not be available at all times. Other flavours not listed may also be available. Please see in-store for details.

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